Trak-Kit was designed to meet people’s need for mobility and versatility with their plasma or LCD screens. The design and manufacturing team developed this revolutionary system to elegantly free you from fixed flat screen wall-mounts, giving you a more flexible viewing experience.

Trak-Kit consists of suspending a screen from a track system to allow for a linear, rotation and vertical display movement path. The flat screen can now be used in multiple areas, allowing you to enjoy your television beyond the living room. Wires are no longer a burden and eye-sore as they are with traditional a/v equipment carts: all cables are integrated into a individual cable management system inside the track. Trak-Kit is designed to fit any user’s need for customized configurations, making it appropriate for innumerable applications in residential homes and commercial spaces.


The diagram on the left shows the main Trak-kit components as they would arrive upon order. The diagram on the right represent a breakdown of all Trak-Kit parts. Since the unit is not always against the wall, an enclosure would give it a finishing touch by covering the back and hiding the wires. These are available in various metal and exotic wood finishes.



Can I hide my Trak-Kit in the ceiling?

Yes. If your ceiling has wood joists and you are installing the Trak-Kit parallel to the joists, your Trak-kit can be installed so its surface is flush with the ceiling’s sheetrock. If you are installing your Trak-kit perpendicular to the joists, you will either have to drop the ceiling down to hide the Trak-Kit, or install a standard surface-mount Trak-Kit.

If you have a drop ceiling (as in many office spaces), provided no ductwork is in the way and you have at least 4″ of vertical space above the drop ceiling, you may easily install the Trak-kit so it sits flush with the surface of the ceiling.

What is the biggest screen that can be hung from Trak-Kit?

Trak-kit takes all screens currently on the market, with no size limit and with a weight limit of 500 lbs. However, you must be sure that your ceiling is structurally capable of suspending your screen and the Trak-kit. If you have a project in which you would like to use Trak-Kit to suspend more than 500 lbs., call us and we can work with you on a custom Trak.

Can I hang my center channel with my screen?

Yes, we make custom brackets to accommodate any center channel with any screen.

What is the maximum length I can order my Trak-Kit?

The maximum length of any Trak-kit is determined only by wire technology and loss of picture quality. For example, if you are using HDMI cable, above a length of 50 feet you will need to use an amplifier in order to boost the signal so you do not lose picture quality. If you are using a Crestron system with Cat-5 cables, you can have a Trak up to 500 feet without loss of picture quality.

Can I order a Trak-Kit that moves my flatscreen up and down as well as along the track?

Yes, we make custom Trak-Kit that move up and down as well.

Is Trak-kit available in a motorized version?

The robotic Trak-Kit is now available. For more information, please send us a request below.


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